Berries Ice Cream Recipe

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 - Ice Cream

In the last week the heat has become simply unbearable at noon the temperature reaches 38-39 ° C somewhere, so not out of the question to cook something in the oven. Even the stove stay away because my kitchen is open and absolutely all the heat enters the living room. So a week eat fruit, vegetables, vegetable cream soups and occasionally make each ice cream. Ice cream contains no eggs recipe is fast and delicious.

Ingredients – cream of berries

350 g berries
200 g liquid cream
50 g condensed milk
50 ml of milk
100 g vanilla sugar
Method of preparation

I used frozen berries you’ve mixed them with sugar without thawing.
Mix mashed fruit with liquid cream, condensed milk and milk and let the mix obtained 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.
After 3 hours, put ice cream in the container car that was at least 8 hours freezer and proceed as directed car.
I obtained a creamy ice cream in 20-25 minutes
A Craving serve because it’s delicious and very cool,
If we do not have ice cream machine, a freezer and mix stuffing from 20 to 20 minutes in the first 2 hours then leave it in the freezer until it freezes completely.

Berries Ice Cream Recipe



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