Blueberry jam – a simple recipe for a perfect blueberry jam

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Blueberry jam. Simple recipe for a perfect blueberry jam. Blueberry jam takes a little more time to prepare but the result is worth. Sweetness is perfect for dumplings, but also ideal food for special properties of these berries.

They consumed as an adjunct to bacterial infections of the urinary tract, so eating this sweetness can have a double benefit in addition to delight the taste buds.

Ingredients for blueberry jam:

– 1 kilogram of blueberries
– 450 g of sugar

Optionally you can use a cinnamon stick or 4 cloves for a special flavor.
Of this amount will come out one jar of 450 ml + 1 + 1 250 ml jar 200 ml jar.

Blueberry jam – Preparation:

Blueberry Jam – Once the fruit has been thoroughly cleaned of stalks and other impurities, wash thoroughly in several waters. Cover with sugar and allowed to soak for 1 hour. It can leave in a cool place and from evening to morning without danger. Boil on low heat to start, give up their juice and blueberries begin to boil. It takes about 15 minutes. When all of the mixture begins to boil, let it heat another 1 minute.
Beware, however, mix everything with a wooden spoon all the time because the sweetness do not catch the bottom. The amount of fruit being less may be used especially with a double bottom flask.
Blueberry jam – Strain blueberry juice left. Allow them to drain for 10 minutes to collect as much syrup. Put the juice back up the fire to boil, along with cinnamon and cloves or without if you chose not to ask. Boil for 20 minutes and the whole time you take a spoon or palette thick foam that forms on the surface of syrup.
After 20 minutes have passed, place blueberries in syrup boil. Let boil again eight minutes from the time it starts to boil.

Blueberry jam a simple recipe for a perfect blueberry jam



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