Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 - Dessert

Not long ago, one of the faithful readers of this blog asked me a culinary recipe eclair, saying he had already tried a few without having been happy with the result. In part because of this application, in part because, remember bringing my eclair, my appetite was done, I prepared my eclair recipe very simple indeed, and you a share with you. Here’s what came out:

Chocolate Eclairs Recipe


of this amount resulted my eclair 20 oblong about 13-14 / 5-6 cm. (Like the ones in the cafeteria), quite Marisa, about 5-6 cm. in diameter.

200 ml. of water
1 pinch of salt
125 grams of flour
120 ml. of oil
4 eggs (in fact, I used 3 eggs 2 egg whites that we already had and I thought to redeem them
fillings of your choice, I used a vanilla cream and whipped cream
can be finished with chocolate icing, I simply dusted with icing sugar


First of all, I do not think for failures or partial unsuccessful in preparation eclairs would be wrong to blame necessarily a recipe for the dough that scalding is unpretentious and probably even many of circulating recipes are equally good. My opinion is that the most important is the oven with baking temperature. I made dough eclair in which we used as fat, so oil and butter and margarine someday. My mother uses lard, with results as good. Eventually I came to prefer oil because it is most convenient and is always in the pantry. I published and classic recipe in video format because this pate-a-choux (scalding of dough eclair) to succeed 100% – click on the link for the recipe.

Now, however, we are talking about economic version, the oil. How we did: water and pour the oil in a saucepan, add salt and put the saucepan on the fire (picture 1). When the mixture in the pot boils, add flour all at once (picture 2). Mix well (I prefer goal pear-shaped for better loosen lumps) until all the liquid is absorbed and the mixture looks like a polenta consistencies. Set aside and let cool to room temperature, then add 1 egg at a time (picture 3) mixing well until its incorporation. Do not add the next egg until the first batter is not well absorbed. It is possible that the dough to ask 4-5 eggs, depending on their size, until you have a creamy consistency (picture 4). As mentioned already, I put three whole eggs and 2 egg whites with equally good results.

The dough is ready, you do not have what I do. Here’s how it works with the oven: Preheat him well, really well, I did hot at 210 degrees Celsius, ventilated, if you have the oven without ventilation would not hurt to him Preheat to 220 degrees. Dough forms eclair oblong, using posului (no need to use a peak veins, especially if you want to glazed eclairs chocolate is preferable to have a smooth surface, in which case you opt for a spike simply by opening round ). Note that eclairs will greatly increase the baking, so if you want eclair length 13-14 cm., Rods formed dough into 8-9 cm length. Also, leave enough space between them and width.

Tray insert in the oven already well heated in the upper part, where the highest temperature. No reason not to open the oven door during the first 10-15 minutes, otherwise eclairs will collapse. Keep an eye on them, and after they were grown and already roasted, so as to make your eye, open the oven and move pretty well in the lower half pan, then reduce temperature to 170 degrees Celsius. Bake further 15-20 minutes until eclairs will be well dried indoors, follow the sticky dough. Exactly the same is done with the round.
In this round we have not filled them up on Sunday, I have some guests informed.

Very useful if you have an oven stubborn utterly, can be and the next tip: after 20 minutes of baking at 210 degrees for the eclairs rose and were browned, remove the tray and pierce each eclair with tip a knife to allow steam to escape from inside. Reduce heat and continue to bake 10-15 minutes.

Chocolate Eclairs Recipe 2016



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