Swiss salad tasty recipe

Monday, July 18th, 2016 - Salads

Swiss salad tasty recipe


500 g boiled red potatoes
150 g cucumber
150 g boiled celery (this time I did not use)
1 lettuce
100 g tomatoes
100 g red pepper (I used this time Kapia peppers)
80 g cheese
150 g mayonnaise
50 g yogurt / buttermilk
lemon juice, to taste


Boiled potatoes cut into cubes and chill, as the rest of the vegetables and season with salt and cheese. Season with salt and lemon juice.Then mix the juice with mayonnaise with yogurt and then put over salad. We keep it cold for 1 hour.

This time I replaced soy mayonnaise cream (in trade) and was more delicious and easier this salad.
Preparation time: not mentioned
Complexity: Low

Swiss salad tasty recipe



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