The Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe Summer 2016

Monday, May 9th, 2016 - Drinks & Smoothies

There are many stories about the origin caipirinha. The best known is the one that begins around 1918 in the State of São Paulo. According to information, caipirinha as we know it today, was created by a popular recipe made with lemon, garlic and honey, indicated for patients with the Spanish flu – which currently is still used to frighten small colds. As it was quite common to put a little alcohol in any remedy in order to accelerate the therapeutic effect, rum was commonly used. “Until one day someone decided to remove garlic and honey. Then add a sugar few tablespoons to reduce the acidity of lime. Ice followed to remove heat,” explains Carlos Lima, chief executive of IBRAC (Brazilian Institute the cachaça).


50 ml Cachaca
1 lime (slice for decoration)
2 tablespoons brown sugar
crushed ice

Method of preparation :
1 Take the fruit of lime, cut into 8 pieces and add to the cocktail glass.
2 Add the brown sugar and then squeeze the lime into the glass pieces using a pestle.
3 Add Cachaça, over which we crushed ice.
4 To this cocktail we use a simple décor, a slice of lime and a straw.

The Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe



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