How To Lose Weight The Right Way – Diet Plan

Weight loss can be a real struggle especially with the high rates and levels of obesity in our societies today, it’s no wonder we are looking for ways of changing our lifestyle and eating habits. Obesity and being overweight are linked to a lot of dangerous illnesses such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and short life expectancy and even death in some cases.

The only way this can be dealt with is by eating a good healthy balanced diet accompanied with some activities that can keep you moving. You can start here Below are my top 5 weight loss tips which should help you kick-start on your weight loss journey.


Before starting any weight loss plan, you MUST consult your doctor or medical professional. It is always wise to plan ahead too. Make sure you are prepared and ready to turn a new page. Most people say things like ’’I will start tomorrow’’ and tomorrow never ends up coming and before you know it your weight is out of control and you can’t take it any more. Before getting yourself to that dangerous stage, why not take action as soon as you can? If this is proving hard, then plan a date and make sure you prepare yourself and stick to that planned date. Do not postpone as it might be too late.

Ideal Weight Identification

Once you are ready to start, the next step is to identify your ideal healthy weight level, so you can identify where you should be aiming at. This can be checked through the BMI(Body Mass Index) calculator. Most people just decide to go on drastic crash diets sometimes just to lose weight fast and don’t really care whether they are under losing or over losing. It could be both dangerous and unhealthy if you lose so much weight than you should normally do, for your age and height. For every person there is a certain healthy weight they need to be.
So before you start dieting, it is usually good to find out what your healthy weight should be by checking your BMI(Body Mass Index) through a BMI calculator.

Choose the Right Foods

Once you identify your ideal weight, you will probably be looking for the latest healthy diet plans to stick, in order to get you started. Make sure you opt for diet plans that are high in fruit, vegetables, fibres and low in saturated and trans fats. Always read the labels carefully and properly when buying any foods. Don’t only read what is stated outside, check the in-depth labels.

Keep active

The only way you will lose weight properly is by adding some activity to your daily diet. It doesn’t have to involve hours in the treadmill or jogging out on a cold winter morning. Do things you enjoy and that can entertain you and also help you burn calories too. When watching TV, why not try walking around the living room or house to stretch during adverts. It isn’t much to do but will make such a big difference to your body.


Substitute bad foods for good ones. This is another great tip to keeping in track. There is a lot of low-fat food versions available which you can always substitute, or if you can’t bear the healthy versions, then opt for small portions of the original one as long as you don’t go off track. Below are some ways of substituting;

– Substitute white breads for whole meal ones
– Swap full fat milks for semi skimmed or skimmed ones
– Grill, boil or steam instead of frying
– Use vegetable oils for cooking rather than butter
– Snack on fruits and nuts rather than crisps, cookies and other unhealthy snacks.

Here you have a diet plan image:

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