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Laziness is another big reason why you are gaining weight and piling all the pounds. Some people have that sluggish not bothered behaviour and attitude that causes them to be so lazy. Such people just don’t see the need or feel like changing their lifestyles. They sometimes think losing weight is as easy and fast as gaining, and so tend to give up along the way because it isn’t all that easy.

They are too lazy to look after themselves and think everything should be chewed and swallowed for them, or made easy for them. They don’t see the need giving up junk food because they cannot be bothered cooking, and just can’t find something active to do with themselves. ”Bottom line is if you don’t work hard you will never be able to achieve anything in life”. I could carry on naming a lot more things that make people lazy, but you might probably know most of this already if this especially applies to you.

So instead of spending time watching TV, browsing on internet, playing computer games, and being a couch potato, why not get up that seat and have a little walk round the house, do something a little active? It could make a little difference at least! You need to take action today or else you will always be left behind on that couch when others are moving ahead to better things in life.


So why not try to think about what exactly is holding you back. Set goals and targets, think about these and work towards meeting them. Think about what you will achieve if you woke up and did something, and this will probably motivate you to take some sort of action.

Be self confident that you can do it and convince yourself you can, don’t let yourself down with words like ”I am fat and lazy there’s no way I can do that”. Know that until you try something you will never really know how it feels like.

Someone could tell you something taste really good, but unless you taste it, you will never really know the real taste of it.

So why not give it a little try and see if it kills you. It might be easier than you think and if you keep putting yourself down, you will never find this out and will always be left behind and seen as an outcast.

Maybe it is work you can’t be bothered going to because you don’t enjoy it there, and thinking about it just makes you more depressed. We all face this problem but think about why exactly you have to go to work and how it will benefit you, that way you wont be sluggish in bed or keep calling in sick just because you cannot be bothered waking up.

Or even better why not find a job you enjoy, or find ways of making your present one more enjoyable. At least when your alarm goes on in the morning, you can wake up knowing that you are going to enjoy yourself wherever you are going.

Or maybe it is going for a walk that is holding you back, why not think of what that walk is going to do to you. Keep your mind ahead and for see how your goals are going to benefit you. There is always a reward and results for everything you do and if you think about these, they should guide and motivate you to do something active and productive,

Well there is a solution to every problem which is where the shrinkage 4U plan comes in. It is packed with lots of tips and tricks that can help you overcome this behaviour. It doesn’t have to be stopped in a day, it should be a gradual process and with the Shrinkage 4U plan, you will find out little things you can do in your life that will make a great difference. GET THE BOOK HERE and start changing your life forever.

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