Quince Jam Recipe

Quince Jam is extremely versatile and fits in many different combinations: from toast for breakfast until picky roast pheasant. Sweet-sour taste gives a special flavor even if at first glance some of the combinations seem unimaginable. Because we live in the “century of speed” and that many homeowners do not have enough time to sit in the kitchen, the recipe for quince jam below I used a small “trick”. If you do not consider preparations, you will sit next to the stove less than half an hour, but the result is one to be envied. You should know that quinces are extremely beneficial to the human body: 100 g of fruit contains 25 calories, 6 grams carbohydrates, 6 g fiber, 14 mg Ca, Mg 6 mg, 200mg potassium and 13 mg vitamin C. Quince helps also, and the elimination of uric acid in the body.

Rinse thoroughly feather quinces, cut them in half, remove the core, seeds and woody parts and then give them grated. If you have a food processor which makes this operation is better. Do not get scared when the fruit is oxidized because when I recover the boil. Quinces races put them in a pan in which we boil the jam. Sure to be a thick bottom saucepan jam because it does not stick and the bottom, safety, place a few drops of oil. In a bowl mix the sugar with Fix Gel powder and put it over quince. Mix well and put jam over medium heat. Quince jam boil at least three minutes from the time it starts to boil (three to five minutes).

We must take care that the jars be thoroughly dry before you put the jam in them. We will quince jam jars hot, as soon as I got on fire and we seal the jars with jam as well. The jars should be kept back a few minutes and then stored in a cool, cool.

Quince Jam – CAUTION: hot jam into jars that place, to avoid any “accidents” while placing hot composition be placed under a metal blade knife jar or place them on a metal tray. Metal jars will take the heat and will not crack.

Quince Jam Recipe

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