Chocolate Icecream Recipe

Chocolate Icecream Recipe

Prep Time: 3hr 15min

Cook Time: 10min

Total Time: 3hr 30min

Serves: 1 litre

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Ice cream I’ve ever done, no doubt, but so smooth and creamy chocolate ice cream like it less. Recipe inspired then I found a blog by David Lebovitz, who in turn adapted from a book by Jenni Britton Bauer. I did not follow the recipe in detail, so modifying the ratio of ingredients, and some ingredients themselves, but chocolate ice cream that we got it’s a dream. Funny thing, I noticed that the great David and I use the same model of pliers ice cream, just like his have my red and blue handle. A meaning that be something? Rather, I would say that the whole significance is that today we have a good recipe to share with you and that whatever that was disallowed much chilled out, all creamy ice cream that you will enjoy it.

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  • 350 ml. Milk with 3.5% fat
  • 250 ml. cream for whipped cream with 32% fat
  • 150 ml. sweetened condensed milk (canned)
  • 2 tablespoons malt syrup (or corn syrup or maple or, ultimately, honey)
  • 4 tsp cornstarch
  • 35 grams of cocoa
  • 80 grams of chocolate with 75% cocoa content +
  • 50 grams sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch of salt


  1. Measure the milk, condensed milk and cream for whipped cream and put together with 50 grams of sugar in a saucepan, over medium heat, keeping aside 50 ml. cold milk. Cocoa mix well with cornstarch and add cold milk kept, homogenizing well.
  2. Add malt syrup mixture over the liquid on fire (pictured left). When the mixture is hot, add cocoa and starch moistened with cold milk and stir vigorously as possible to avoid lumps forming.
  3. Boil on low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens (pictured left), then pulls aside the pan from the heat and add the chocolate broken into pieces and vanilla extract. Stir until chocolate melts completely.
  4. Put a sieve over a bowl and all the cream base was sieved to remove any trace of small lumps that might have formed. Cream bowl, cover with cling film, applied directly to the surface to avoid the formation, and cool in water bath cold, possibly with ice cubes until it reaches room temperature, then refrigerate for 2 hours, to be very cold when they will pour into ice cream machine.
  5. After the well was cooled, pour the cream into the bowl of ice cream machine, which previously must be well chilled (overnight) in the freezer. Start the machine and ice cream will be ready in 15 minutes. If you do not have ice cream machine, you must to vigorously mix in a bowl with ice placed in a freezer at every half hour, to break the ice crystals that might form until ice cream is sufficiently related. After 15 minutes device, transfer the ice cream in a bowl with a lid and put it in the freezer to harden further.
  6. Ice cream can be stored in the freezer or good weeks can be served at once, each by how she is craving. It’s a rich taste of chocolate ice cream with a wonderful texture, creamy without sticking to the palate, in a word, perfect.

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