Paleo Diet Recipes 2016

Paleo Diet Recipes

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Paleo Diet Recipe:

Certainly, lately you’ve all heard about this diet that promises a significant loss of weight and, above all, you can keep many specific health problems of modernity such as diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers .

This is called Paleo diet and the secret and success apparently lies in the diet that our ancestors were based in the Stone Age. Let’s discover together what the rules are and how this diet can follow without too much financial effort.

First, this lifestyle – yes, we can call it that, because it can easily be followed as soon as your body adapts to the new food rules- not based, as you would on hunting animals, but the food basic reach our ancestors now more than 40,000 years.

Human DNA is the same always, so supplemented in the diet contemporary have no meaning, since people like us have survived eat much less and less diversified and, ironically, this lifestyle has taken away many illnesses now worsens increasingly often among the population.

This is caused mostly by diet rich in calories, the introduction of processed foods such as cereals, and fortified products made of fermented sugars.

Paleo Diet simplifies to a minimum and this diet is based on two major components: animal foods and natural herbs. In other words, meat is meat, vegetables and fruit is a vegetable fruit and nothing more. No sausages, milk and sweets!

Thus, diet Paleo broadly includes eating fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, fruits of all kinds, fresh or nuts, seeds and vegetables grown naturally without fertilizers and other fully additives that may change structure.
These foods not only provide the necessary vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that your body so desperately needs but have the ability to reduce the glycemic index, thus lowering the risk of diabetes, prevent digestive disorders and obesity, due to the high content of fiber, which prevents constipation and quickly gives the feeling of satiety, and the proteins contained in meat provides the energy we need to face a busy day at work.

People who followed this diet claim they have managed to weaken in six months even 30 kilos, without starving and give your metabolism without over his head, so worth a try.

Let’s see what are the rules to be followed Paleo diet strategies and how we can use the past to improve our future:

Rule number 1: vegetables occupies two thirds of the plate – and the rest will be occupied by a portion of protein or meat the size of a palm bridge, a fruit and a serving of healthy fats, such as avocado for example.

Rule number 2: eliminate all foods that cause inflammation in the body – diet mimics the diet of their ancestors removed from home so packed and processed products. This food category comes “bundled” with a lot of additives, preservatives, salt and sugar, ingredients recognized for their negative impact on the body, especially the immune system and creating favorable environment for the development of inflammation, the cause of many diseases. So they will be excluded from any dairy products and refined sweets and cereals, so extolled today.

Paleo diet proponents believe that all “nutritional benefits” of these foods can be found as well in the composition of fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is not too mention the grain that can irritate the bowel, leading to problems like bloating and bowel syndrome.

Rule number 3: farewell, counting calories – if until now you were watching table showing the number of calories for each food, behold paleo diet get rid of this burden. However you can eat whatever you want and of course within the limits imposed by rule number 1. As long as the body receives no additives which are now found in most foods, it will behave normally and will not feel the need sweet or salty. Cut your sweet tooth with fruit and the salty meal consisting of protein and vegetables.

Rule number 4: dinner at breakfast – you heard it right, which supposedly will eat for dinner is recommended to be served at breakfast, the first meal of the day, because that is the time at which the body has the great need for nutrients to get through a day long and demanding. So forget the famous cereal with milk and eat a serving of chicken, turkey, salmon or even a burger, because they keep you satiated throughout the day and evening book a fruit or a vegetable salads.

Rule number 5: You are not allowed to cheat once a week – you can get the promised benefits of the Paleo diet even if you follow only 85%. Of course, followed by 100% by the book for a month you get rid of unwanted pounds, but this is not meant to be yet another diet bland and restrictive, but a lifestyle, so when and where you can relish a cake or a glass of red wine.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People suffering from conditions such as gallstones or pancreatitis, which prevents digestion of efficient fat, particularly animal diet Paleo must first consult a doctor who will perform a set of tests which will emerge if the person can follow this diet or not.

It should also be borne in mind that the Paleolithic man had certain physical activities which today are found all too little lifestyle. For example, in the past people were hunting, searching the environment, climbing and crawling without being protected by modern inventions such as shoes or roads so that they trained every muscle, tendon and ligament, thereby protecting from diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis or other conditions that affect mobility. In addition, they slept a lot, which greatly elucidates the mystery excellent health of these men caves. Sun was also a part of everyday life in the prehistoric era and provide enough vitamin D, so difficult to absorb through food. Not to mention that smoking or alcohol consumption were nonexistent risk factors that today are found among the majority of the working population.

Do not forget about recreational activities that involve simultaneously moving like football, rollerblading, cycling, jogging or why not dance to escape the stress accumulated during a week of work and to put body and blood moving.

Paleo Diet Recipes

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