The Blackberry Julep Cocktail Recipe Summer 2016

Description: A cocktail created by Dale Groff in the famous Rainbow Room bar, well balanced, a guaranteed success in front of any client.

Glass: Collins

Gasket: berries marinade

50 ml vodka
Mure 20 ml cream (crème de cassis)
25 ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml sugar syrup
2 barspoon-full forest fruits marinade
Top-up soda

Method: Crush berries marinated (cognac, Cointreau and sugar) in combination with the fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup in Collins glass, add cream Mure, mixing vodka and crushed ice, crushed ice for crown glass and top- up soda. Add a teaspoon full bar with marinated berries as decoration.

The Blackberry Julep Cocktail Recipe

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