The secret to eating all you want, but lose smoothly

The secret to eating all you want, but lose smoothly.

New diet in vogue, celebrities is based on a book of recipes of a British chef. For all those who fail to lose weight although dieters, this book holds the secret, it seems.
Natasha Corrett a foodie and chef persuaded, resorted to all diets classic years. Just he never failed to lose weight as long as he wanted. That is until he visited a specialist in acupuncture, which he told her what the problem is: acidity. Because of this, he felt bloated and tired all the time, but not any healthy diet helps her feel better.
So he resorted to eating alkaline – dropped out fizzy drinks, sugar, sweeteners, white flour and chocolate and began to eat foods that cut acidity – oily fish, green tea, whole grains, green vegetables and almonds.
Four years later, Natasha managed to convince British stars to follow suit. He created a company, Healthy Food honestly, and with her mother (nutritionist) began making alkaline foods deliver Robbie Williams, Kelly Holmes, Lisa Snowdon, Natalie Imbruglia and ordinary people.
Her diet is wonderful because it is based on foods that fit body – pizza and wine are also included in this category. And her book “honestly Healthy: Eat With Your Body In Mind, The Alkaline Way” received a positive review from Victoria Beckham, who showed excited recipes.
Natasha says her diet is really a lifestyle healthier eating: “When your body is Alcain, you have a beautiful skin, you concentrate better, have healthier hair, plus lose weight.”
The basic principle of alkalis diet is to eat as many green vegetables, almonds, garlic, olive oil, lemon, tea and tai acidic foods such as oats, milk, chicken.

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