Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss 2016

Below are some top 5 breakfast ideas which I believe are perfect for any one willing to lose weight and/or stay healthy.

Porridge Oats: I will call this the number 1 healthy breakfast idea. Oats are a good source of fibre and therefore perfect for breakfast as they will help you battle those morning hunger pangs. Oats can also help boost your concentration during the day as well as prevent you from a lot of diseases. You can have it with some semi-skimmed milk and add some strawberries or blueberries or any fruit of your choice to make it an even healthier balanced breakfast.

Eggs: This is my number two on the list. Eggs are a must have breakfast as they are high in protein and nutrients and also low in calories. They can thus help keep you fuller for longer and hence control weight gain. You can either have it poached, scrambled or boiled. They go perfectly well with some wholemeal toast and low fat spread.

Smoothies: This is another perfect breakfast must have and number 3 on the list. Smoothies can be made basically with any combination of fruits you love and blended with some semi skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt of your choice. Or if you prefer it crunchy, you can enjoy it as a fruit salad instead. They are perfect for detoxing especially if you’ve been really bad the day before as they will help flush out those toxins from your body. They also provide you with essential vitamins and nutrients needed to start the day and is perfect with weight loss.

Muesli: This is the number 4 breakfast idea on the list. Muesli has about everything you need to make your breakfast a perfectly healthy and balanced one. It contains a mixture of oats, seeds, fruits and nuts and go perfectly well with some skimmed milk. It also supplies you with the necessary energy needed and thus fuel up your body to kick start the day. This is also great for weight loss as it fills you up in time for lunch.

Weetabix: This is the last but not least on healthy breakfast ideas. Weetabix as the name sounds is a great source if fibre and essential nutrients and therefore a good breakfast choice to start the day. You can have it with some skimmed milk if yoghurt and fresh fruit of your choice. This is also perfect for weight loss as it will help you feel less hungry, eat less and hence lose weight.

So these are some top 5 healthy breakfast tips to get you started. In case your excuse for a lack of breakfast was lack of ideas, then hope you now know what choices to go for in the future.

Healthy Breakfast

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