What we should not eat ? Eat well, don't spend money in vain!

Sugar and sweets

Sugar a pure fuel that disturb metabolism – the body can no longer use fat as an energy source. Contribute to weight gain through both direct caloric intake by stimulating appetite and (increases appetite). High levels of blood glucose is damaging to tissues, even when this happens only occasionally, like when you eat a cake or drink a sweet juice. Sugary foods that induce drowsiness. Pay attention to the hidden sugar in processed products in various forms (glucose syrup, corn syrup, etc.). If you want “something sweet” you can eat fruit, especially in the summer.

White flour and pastry

White flour contains mainly starch-glucose polymer. Quickly raise blood glucose and contribute to diabetes. By baking the shell (the caramelized) generates carcinogens (eg. Acrylamide). Increase hunger and lead to swelling belly by continuing the induced yeast fermentation. Gluten is a potent allergen, having the effect of psychotropic inhibitor. Processed grains are virtually identical in terms of devastating effect on health. Wholemeal true (no mixes containing dyes) is only a partial solution, it’s best choice of cereal and pseudo-cereals less gluten or gluten rye, oats, millet, buckwheat, quinoa in forms as little processed .

Oils and fats distorted and they are a major source of energy, fat with 9 kcal per gram. Besides this fat-calorie vegetable oils sensitive to heat, light, exposure to air. So it is much better to eat straight from the source fats such as nuts and seeds raw, roasted. We already know that fried foods are harmful oils heated in the oven but are equally dangerous. Margarine, even the new generation, is toxic to the human body in any quantity, how small. As an exception, we can use a little extra virgin olive oil in salads. Other oils accepted, in case you are cold-pressed: pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, flax seeds, hemp seeds, coconut.

What we should not eat

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